The service typically involves exfoliating the skin using microdermabrasion/chemical peels to remove dead skin cells, revealing a smoother and brighter complexion

Body Massage and Polish

Full Body Massage

Rs. 5000

Full Body Scrub

Rs. 3500

Full Body Scrub + Massage

Rs. 7000

Hands Massage

Rs. 750

Feet Massage

Rs. 750

Hot Oil Head Massage

Rs. 2000

Full Body Polish

Rs. 5000

Full Arms Polish

Rs. 1000

Full Legs Polish

Rs. 1200

  • Full Body Massage Rs.5000/-
  • Full Body Scrub Rs.4000/-
  • Full Body Scrub + Massage Rs.7000/-
  • Hands Massage Rs.1000/-
  • Feet Massage Rs.1000/-
  • Hot Oil Head Massage Rs.2000/-
  • Full Body Polish Rs.5000/-
  • Full Arms Polish Rs.1500/-